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Confusion Damage


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so long ago, i used to play a Mesmer and absolutely loved Confusion.. just things like dropping a dome at keep gate and watching bunch of players kill themselves. it wsnt much good in pve as mobs rarely cast skills.

but i notice they added different damege stat for player confusion or npc now.

playing my engineer i noticed mobs absolutely spam skills and my pistol 3 is my favorite skill, but its no Mesmer. Is there a mesmer Confusion build still?

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Heya! I love the Confusion condition as well and I'm hoping we get more of it with the new EoD E-Spec. This is the condi build I would run in WvW & PvE. As a note, everyone plays differently so it might not work for everyone.

Forgot to mention as well, when I'm in WvW I tend to swap Signet of Domination for Blink or whatever depending on the situation :)

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@Tseison.4659 said:

@"Kencu.5846" said:And then the enemy scrapper converts all your torment and confusion into boons)

Any class with a condition converting skill/traits can do that tbh.... but yes as it stands, running condi in WvW is weak due to the heavy condi cleanse etc.

Allow me to elaborate and say: "Running condi in zergs is weak, due to the dedicated cleansing and conversion supports", but "running condi in roaming and smallscale is the strongest you can be" -examples: condi ele (weaver or tempest), burn guards (DH, Core, hell even FB), Rev (Mallyx Renegade or Herald), necros (scourges or core tanks), mirage condi, core condi thief or condi deadeye.

To put it into perspective, I even ran a meme core (then scrapper) condi build and I absolutely annihilated people with cover condis and the all that poison from Elixir Gun.

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