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Level 80 Booster providing more player options.

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When purchasing the Path of Fire expansion and getting into GW2 I got the level 80 booster, and I knew using it would provide access to more high-tier content without granting the experience of many essential game Fundamentals and mechanics. However, the complete lack of any optional input was a let-down. I could understand that armor would be a generalized most suitable aspect, but I felt weapon setups should allow for at least one optional loadout. For example, allowing users to choose an axe/axe layout for a Warrior. If crafting were something that players could get an added boost to level up at least a few specializations so that the content players are entering and farming materials from could be used then it wouldn't be as much of an issue, you could work on crafting your own higher-tier weapons to use and customize, but that's not an option. Additionally, although it's nice that materials are shared between all characters on your account, another path of account-wide crafting leveling would provide for a better chance to reach the point where you can fully get your level 80 character into the equipment and build that fits the direction, you're planning with that character easier to get too.

Boosting a character to level 80 is great to get to content where you can get into where the game really shines, it's the end-game content, but even just a few options or elements would make the experience much less complicated and improve the experience to a greater degree. I decided to level my first character normally to get the experience of certain elements and it did help me to a degree. but when I used the boost on another character that previous knowledge learned on the first shined a light on how much rebuilding would be necessary to get the character setup in a way that fits what direction I planned to go with them, and only being able to craft weapons of the lowest caliber for a new character that had completely different class restricted weapon options than my first, left me in a position where it was harder to succeed because I wasn't given the most elementary element that allowed for gameplay that suited me.Just one opinion from a relatively new player of GW2 but a longtime player of GW from its release to the final expansion, and recently returned and moved into GW1. I am glad the experience is new, and the experience has some similarities that feel nostalgic but overall, it's an entirely unique experience in most areas. I just feel the overall experience would benefit from this. Not only in story progression, but also as something that provides more encouragement to get involved with PvP, and WvW participation.Reaper IWP

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Yeah, that's why people say "don't use the boost on your first character". Because you don't have the knowledge or the means to gear that character up other than what's been given to you by the boost. Soldier's works just fine for open world though, you won't be hurting much if you just want to boost the character, then do story, metas and whatnot.

The boost isn't meant to get your character Raid/Fractals ready, in fact, i'd argue that the boost is the way it is to specifically prevent new people flooding endgame content without the basic knowledge that would have been thought had they played normally. Imagine if the boost allows you to get all exotics of the stat combination you want, then all the players who never played the game find a metabattle build and decide "hey, i'll go do raids or fractals cause i read somewhere those are a thing"... Yeah....

If you boost an alt with it though, and have played for an amount of time, it's a non issue, you probably then already have the means to gear them.

@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:I'm confused. Can't you just buy, or otherwise acquire, another weapon for your character?
Even Exotics can be pretty darn inexpensive on the Trading Post, nowadays.

Those still cost gold, and extreme newbies that have never played the game before probably won't have enough to fully gear one.But tha'ts ok, that's how it should be, the boost isn't meant to bring you directly to endgame content like most people think, it's meant to just skip the leveling process. You still need to actually do content and familiarize yourself with the game before you can do raids and stuff.

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