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Looking for Resources: Ele from Gw2 to DnD 5e


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Greetings fellow Gw2 players

As very few may know i started working on a DnD 5e Resource that translates gw2 classes, races, mechanics and more into the tabletop world.

Due to IRL occupations i am in a bit of a halt in regards of free time to create new homebrew from scratch.

Nevertheless i wanted to ask arround if anyone already has resources available to them that covers this for the gw2 ele. I am especially curious about the Tempest in that regard.

Thanks in advance.



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Hello fellow DD Nerd.Most of Ele's things can be handled very easily under Wizard.Weaver = Bladesinger (I can't even think of anything more interesting here)And Abjuration, Evocation to cover any build ideas. The problem with temp is that in DD5e "overload" can be treated in two ways ... HB, or it can be treated as Evocation.Level 14 Overchannel fits perfectly here. Same for Sorcerer metamagic imo.I did some research for my HB files and found what I wrote to fit overload in tempest "earlier". HB overload and from 6 upwards I used Evocation Wizard. It came out ... average at best, and I'm just using Evocation right now, but I'll paste what I found. For inspiration? Or smth. There was a problem with my Overload, which together with Overchannel was making an atomic bomb nova for 14+ instead of a "stronger" spell. Until 14 is ok'ish.

WIP Temp boiTempest Savant

Beginning when you select this school at 2nd level, the gold and time you must spend to copy a spell that require Somatic component into your spellbook is halved.(N: A LOT spells need {S} but this trait it's always flavor one anyway for most Wizard schools)

Overload Spell

Beginning when you select this school at 2nd level you can Overload a spell with extra power. The spell must deal Fire, Lightning, Cold, or Bludgeoning damage. The selected spell deals additional damage equal to twice the Wizard's level plus the intelligence modifier. After using Overload, you cannot re-cast a spell that deals that particular damage type until next Short or Long Rest.

The spell may require concentration, but damage will only be added to the first spell element of the damage source.

If a spell has two or more of the damage types listed in the overload feature, you cannot use the element that is "main" in the spell i.e. Meteor Swarm its more flame based spell. Same for Ice Storm as an example.

(N: At max level and 20 int dmg is equal to 45. It's enough to 9th fireball or meteor swarm everything into ash. It's more of a big risk, big reward type of feature and can be nice to slap some fat dmg cantrip or first MMM)

PS. Sorry for bad english. It's not my main language and i was "translating".

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No worries and thanks for the enthusiasm.

But you may misunderstood what i was looking for.

I am not looking for a DnD legal build that can be made with official material. I am looking for homebrew stuff, meaning self-created non-official material someone came up with that covers the gw2 classes. So not lartial HB rulings/subclasses with existing classes but full blown classes on their own.

But what i can tell you so far:

Weaver will get influences form bladesinger and ele will get meta magic.

Besides the overload mechanic for tempest i am a bit lost in regards of implementing auras. But so far i dug through the web an already found some nice sources.

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