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Still can't decide on a proffesion


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I've played this game for a while off and on but never really got into it. I've maxed out almost all the proffesions (on level, not gear) and definitely tested them all out on dummies. I know you can play pretty much everything at once but I prefer something I can focus on and learn before I branch out.

That being said, my main focus would be solo roaming and small scale skirmishes in wvw seeing as how I play during odd hours and don't have a guild.

I usually play bruiser type characters that can take a hit, but not sacrificing too much damage for tanky-ness (in league I played wukong or aatrox top if that helps at all)

Lastly I really don't want to play a fotm or cheese build. I like to feel good about myself when I 1v1 somebody, like I outplayed them.

I've been thinking about a celestial weaver but I'm not hearing the best news about them in solo roaming sooooo..... idk

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Well that sounds like you should go Warrior, very high dmg and high survivability. Not really sure if you will feel good about yourself in 1v1s as you will win pretty much any 1v1. Also it is not really recommended for Solo-roam.Second option would be Thief. Very high dmg, but very low HP. It is perfect for Solo-roam but is very hard to play. You can 1shot people in WvW from Stealth but that doesn't mean you have to, you can do normal 1v1, but it is very challenging to win 1v1 against almost any match-up even though the Professions potential for 1v1 is insane. You will definitely have to outplay your opponent instead of being the one with more OP profession. So a feel from a good fight is ensured.

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