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[WvW Recruitment Thread] StormBluff Isle

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Hi All:

SBi resident from the StormBluff Isle Server.We've had a massive shift on our server recently due to a mass exodus of some key guilds but it's opened up an opportunity to rebuild StormBluff.A major Fight Guild just came over also, so we're excited to see our growth and rise of our Realm!!

As such, our Guild:Death Watch [DETH] is recruiting fighters on SBi as well we will help pay for transfers if you make membership.

We created this Anime / Recruitment Parody as a way to share who are and how we have fun and compete. Enjoy!NOTE: There is some swearing in here and we've provided appropriate credit /parody notes in the movie and content.

For more info please reach out on our discord: https://discord.gg/QquRUcdQxnOr contact our officers on the server: Papa Tal, Das Dank, Chronic Grass or any of our core members on Discord.

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