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Lunar Maned Skyscale Skin Bug

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I bought the new skyscale skin and was very excited to use it, but with it applied to my skyscale mount I am experiencing glitches nearly every time I mount. This includes mounting but being unable to see the mount and just hovering in midair unable to move/dismount (except with the special skill launch dismount) and mounting and being unable to see the mount but moving forward anyways. In addition, mounting the skyscale while midair leaves me unable to move at all and vulnerable to enemy attacks. When I switch to a different skyscale skin this issue goes away and I am able to mount and dismount and move freely with no issues at all. I have had to switch to a different skin in order to use my skyscale, but I would like to be able to use the skin I purchased.

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this issue is also happening to me and my partner without fail whenever we use the Lunar Maned skyscale skin, so it still hasn't been fixed -- it takes anywhere between a full 4-5 to 10 seconds for the skyscale to load in (if it does at all, in the case of my partner and, rarely, me) and during that time, we can "move" where our coordinates are on the map (and semi-navigate via the minimap, which will still show our character pointer moving), but our characters will stay in the same place that they mounted up. when the skin finally loads in, it rubber-bands us to wherever our character coordinates happen to be if we had moved from the place we'd originally mounted up at.

this happens whether we're moving when we mount up, or standing still. nothing we do outside of switching mount skins fixes the issue, which doesn't affect any of the other skins for either of us.

edit; the Royal Anubis jackal skin also lags out when i mount up on it, but it's only half a second of lag compared to the egregious amount of time that it takes for the skyscale.

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