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Best classes for fractals.

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Renegade (boon rip, alacrity , CC bar , protection uptime), Firebrand (quickness), Berserker (banner).Soulbeast for DPS , holosmith is decent if there's many adds due to cleave.

I don't recommend weaver (very fragile and is melee only), daredevil (unless there is a thief skip), reaper (because out of shroud crit chance can't be optimized and it's underwhelming when life force is scarce), or chrono (ramp time on shatters, not great vs adds). Scourge maybe only when you need to do the low level CMs with -80% healing ; tempest is only good for high cleave and not much else. Condi mirage is only effective when there is high attack rate for confusion ticks.

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