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(PvP, NA, Casual) [SWAG] Squirrel With A Gun - Recruiting

Deus Fatorum.2473

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As the guild message reads...

I intend to grow a small non toxic, mature guild for PvP.

The main aim being mature, respectful, non-toxic guild focused on good sportsmanship and lack of saltiness. If you want a community that may or may not be the most skilled players in the game but are fun, awesome, non-toxic players, that is the idea.

Guild Rules-

-No Racism/Sexism/Discrimination, I don't care what race, gender, sexual preference you may have, nor should anyone else we are here to play gw2. These have no bearing on that.

-Don't talk Politics/Religion, I really don't want to know your political preferences or your religious preferences, again I don't see how this affects GW2 and your ability to play it

-No Trolling/Counter Trolling/Control your Tears, we will play teams that are worse/better than us, but be polite, no "wow you suck" etc. If people say to you "your trash" no replying with "LOL wow you suck had to 2v1" , etc.

Any Questions/Concerns, PM/Mail me Deus Fatorum.2473


There is NO REP requirement, OR time requirement. We just ask when you are on and repping you be mindful to follow the rules and not be toxic/salty to the community. I will give a warning or two depending, but will not hesitate to kick a member for being toxic. Depending on activity of members that join will depend on how large I grow the guild, it is me and a few friends ATM, But I intend to grow it to at least 30-50 members but probably no more than 75-100 (if it ever gets that big).

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