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Bots and MMORPGs


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There are many bots in WoW , but they are mainly used for farming mats, for ESO i dont know since i left it too quick becuase of the pvp design

In wow pvp there is no solo q for ranked so basically bots cannot enter in it, and boting unranked does not give any rewards so no point for boting, but bots in wow are ruining the whole economic system

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@Khalgir.3862 said:I have never seen any bots in both ESO and WoW PvP. But here number is just a joke.ANet doesn't even bother with banning them.What could be the reason for that?

The reason (Some ppl of community suppose this) is the pvp population. There is not enough ppl in pvp, than anet do nothing to eliminate bots becouse this way they can fill the ranked divisions.

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