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[Suggestion] Icebrood Mastery Points in Core Tyria maps and visibility


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I thought I remember someone mention this a while back, but I couldn't find it with the search function (sorry if already discussed at length at the beginning of DRM introduction).

Would it be possible to change the Icebrood Saga mastery point symbols to be a blueish grey color or have a blue outline or something for Icebrood Saga so I don't think there is a Core mastery point?

The other day I was wandering around Bloodtide Coast and I was super confused thinking there was a Central Tyria mastery point in one of the Quaggan structures under the water. Turns out this is an Icebrood Saga mastery point (added today but existed in the map earlier I guess). This is quite confusing now with DRMs sharing older maps and having mastery points contained within said DRMs within the open world map. This was never a problem before because points for the respective expansion/saga corresponded with the relevant maps. DRMs change this basic structure.

Also, different but related, I've noticed that some DRM mastery point icons just do not show up on the map when in the DRM, etc. This latest patch added Fireheart Rise but no mastery point can be found on the map, although it does exist on top of a tower in the map. This also happened (happens?) in an earlier map, but I can't really remember which one. Maybe Brisbane Wilds?

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I have had the same problems. First time coming into the DRM maps I could not see a single mastery point. And when I went into the normal map of the mission I could see the icon just fine. The second time entering the DRM I did see them and knew where to take them. I have had this in fireheartrise, lake Doric, and thunderheadkeep.

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