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DRM Mobs are hps spounges, heavy unbalaced.


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I restarted Champions history with my meta berserker(one of the easiest full glass cannon rotation) that i use for strike missions, and feel that DRM mobs are huge HP spounges, it take ages(10min,, 15min++) to finish each mission.

This content is heavy unbalanced, the Braham boss fight against the "primordus wyvern" feels like if i fighting the PoF balthazar, warbeast, the final LS2 bosses.

Unbalanced loot, Unbalanced mobs scale and Unbalanced rewards.

It would better if this content was wrapped in a fractal, strikes, or anything, none of theses(fractals, strikes) had this issues.

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DRMs are very well balanced. Any full DPS class, who can do good DPS, can clear them in roughly 10 min from entering the instance. A single greatsword spin on DH can wipe out pretty much all trash mobs; veterans take slightly more. Just the greatsword rotation can phase the Metrica boss's first phase with a full rotation needed to phase the second. The CMs can be cleared in a little more time than that and obviously under their respective timers.

This is all solo mind you.

If you're in the instance with other players then of course the mobs will be scaled up to account for that. It would be unbalanced otherwise. If your troubles are while in an instance with others then perhaps it's because there are players not pulling their weight.

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@Sajuuk Khar.1509 said:

@ugrakarma.9416 said:it take ages(10min,, 15min++) to finish each mission.Since when is 10-15 minutes for a mission ages? That's bare minimum play time for pretty much anything in an MMO.It's not too long in total, but for me, too much of that time is spent doing trivial, completely unchallenging tasks that bomb the replay value.

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They're meant to be done by multiple players. With three players each accomplishing their own task, you can finish the events with 2min left on timer, the actual boring part is all the escorts they insist on adding to instanced content lately.

I wish they'd leave that stuff for open-world.

I will say that a few of the bosses are too tanky because they're hard to hit, The Thunderhead Keep boss for example barely has a window for bursting, let alone for a full rotation and thus it takes forever to defeat even with Ranger, who have the highest long-ranged DPS.

Trying to do it in melee (like on Reaper) and always chasing it around is awful, even with leaps etc.

I'm okay with bosses avoiding attacks and stuff but this "dash across the entire map every few seconds" is a bad trend.

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