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I'm looking for a guild, but, it's my last chance. [EU]


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Hi there, I am Chris and I'm a Guild Wars 2 player, just like all of you! Bear with me, I need to get some context in before I get to why I'm looking for a guild and what I envision it to be like. I am a 30 years old, on Whiteside Ridge [EU]. My timezone is UTC / GMT +02.00. My expectations for a guild are availability, socializing and honest communication. I don't do well with people who are racist, discriminating, individuals who question my preferences, both in-game and out. Cats are life and if I was God I'd create "The Pancake of Healing" TM and whoever would eat it would be healed of all physical and mental difficulties! I suffer from two auto-immunes since I've been 13 and they took a really hard turn for the worse last November (as if Covid is not enough for everyone already!). I have a moderate version of Crohn's and stage 2 Sclerosing Cholangitis, but, my liver isn't managing any more and it's not stabilizing. A lot of back and forth, between the hospital and home, and a lot of meds have taken place for the last 5 months.

I just want one last adventure, while I still have the time and strength. I want to be with a group that would go places with me, in the game, help me out with the one legendary that I want to craft and my skyscale, so that I could feel complete. In a different existence, somewhere where I can be strong, with strong arms and able to soar the sky, flying in a world where it's possible. Help more in the way of emotional support and company. Friends who would go and do events with me and help me calculate logistics, locate areas that I'd need to go through. Not financial or physical help, or in-game stuff, just companionship and friendship. Find nice, peaceful places and have picnics, take pictures that will be proof of the memories we'd create together. I want to find a group that's active, but also a place where I'm not just a number. And I'd also like to be given the chance to be of help, whenever someone goes off to farm resources, or tackles a challenging activity like a boss monster for the guild or themselves? We can use that chance to hang together a bit and I can also give you the resources I gathered with you as thank you. Just try to bear in mind, I have damage through parts of my bones and blood vessels and my ability to game is hindered often. Imagine someone who might have never seen a keyboard in their lives trying to place their hands on it for the first time. That's my hands occasionally. I know life is life and that's what it is. I just want to be able to meet people and go on an adventure with them one last time before I get really tired and have to stop playing for good.

Please do not leave me any sympathetic messages. I'm not here for that and there's millions out there who have it way worse than me in many different ways! If anyone else is facing a difficulty in their lives and they feel like they hit a dead end, know that there's hope and a light in everything. Don't lose hope and try to be wonderful to yourself and others. I apologize for the long read. Please do share this anywhere you might think a guild could see this.

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