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Should i be playing an engineer as an assassin ? PvP WvW Solo pvE


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Hello guys, i am coming back to guild wars 2 and i have a level 80 engineer. I was wondering if i should play my engineer like an assassin.

I was thinking of getting zerker gear or maruader for a few power builds.

I feel like this class has little to no defensives and does no damage without stacking a lot of heavy offense stats.

I plan to solo for now, but looking into roaming, ganking, WvW solo / sPvP and Maybe PvE later.

I feel like stacking defensive stats is not very good for engineer. But i am not sure.

I am alright at rotations and build making but i was wondering if you all play your engineer more offense and assassin or is just going to be me ? i haven't seen the patch notes in almost 5 months so i will catch up on fixes and changes.

Any ways thanks for reading all, appreciate it.

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Do you have elite specs unlocked? You shouldn't be having issues regardless of if you use holosmith or scrapper.

For core engineer, the weapons aren't that great so you need to make use of kits for damage (mainly grenades but also bomb kit which has a delay). You should be running Explosives (mainly Big Boomer) and Firearms (High Caliber + No Scope) in PVE.

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Alright thanks. Yea i got the elite specializations unlock. I don't know if i should be doing the piano rotation in PvP but i will look into it.

I think the core engineer weapons are ok for PvP, but for PvE yea they suck. I will have to maintain many builds for PvP and PvE. Thanks man appreciate it.

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