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Steal weapon #1 bug


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whenever i steal with pistols (with shadow arts to get stealth) i get directly out of stealth without even using the stealth attack.

i tried this with AA turned off also it helps a bit but happens there aswell.with AA turned on it happens 100% of the time.Seems like that a normal #1 Attack happens before you use the stealth attack and this unstealths you.

if you dont use a #1 before stealing all seems to function right.Is there any way to avoid it beside not using #1 weaponn attack before stealing?

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Since we are speaking of pistol, a ranged weapon here, I assume in the cases where you get de-stealthed there still was a bullet flying towards your target, that hit it after you got the stealth from the steal.That would explain why, it doesn't happen when you don't use 1/an attack before stealing, always when you have on AA, and less oftern when you have turned of the AA, in the cases where it did de-stealth you there you probably don't wait long enough that the last fired bullet has hit it's target before using steal.

You can run into the same problem with the rifle of deadeye and the shortbow and while that surely is annoying it is no bug.

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If yu have the Mug trait, it attaches an attack to yur Steal skill which instantly removes the Stealth on Steal.If the case is where the projectile from the bullet hits the target before yu Steal, then stow weapons first before Stealing.

Yu can keybind a hotkey to stow weapons.

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