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How do foods which give "downed health" work?

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Look at Bowl of Fire Salsa. It gives +100% Downed Health, +20% Damage While Downed, +10% Experience from Kills. The added damage and experience need no explanation, but the Downed Health is confusing. I used it for the first time, as an experiment. When I was downed, it popped me right back up: Winner. But when I went down again, nothing. Cool-down? One-time use? Later, while the boon was still in effect, I went down again. Again, no help. How can I know when I have protection and when I don't?

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I've never used this type of food, but I think you are misunderstanding what it is supposed to do. As I read it, it should double the amount of health you have remaining when you end up in down state, making it easier for you to revive. If you instantly revived from down state it was likely due to a rally. If you're unfamiliar, "rallying" is what we call it when an enemy dies while you are in downstate. It causes you to instantly revive.

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