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Fireheart Rise DRM questions

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  1. Is it possible to kill Braham? What happens if you do?

  2. Is there any kind of elegant way to do the final boss? I mean, that is seriously the most godawful spammy mess of a fight in the game. There's plenty of timer, thankfully, but every group I've been a part of just ends up endlessly kamikaze running back from the waypoint until it's over. It's a narrow space with no edges, and SO MUCH STUFF spawns - in addition to the main boss, who has continuous attacks that can 1 hit you, and whose breakbar stun lasts all of 2 seconds, the meteor falls continue, there are moving aoe pools of death, and hordes of mobs that are all more than capable of downing you. There's seriously no way to intelligently use your dodges, no mechanics - everything is just flying at you constantly, you have to just spam your dodges and invulns and get some damage in before dying and respawning.

Players have been saying for years that fights are too visually cluttered and somehow the lesson ANet took from that is "Ok, we hear you... what if we layer even more damage and effects and clutter this time? Would that work for you?"

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I've done this both as a HB on 3x CMs for top responder and solo as a scourge on 3x CMs. The best class for this is likely condi shortbow revenant (power herald to speed up Efram before boss fight), I believe the boss has a medium / large hitbox and moves around (so torment ticks).

The key is cleave / AoE at the boss if you aren't ranging it. If you have a Healbrand (which means aegis + heals) , stack to cleave everything out and use EMP (waystation) or leftover "no longer usable" fractal CC consumables for the CC bar it should negate most of the mechanics.

Light orange circles are lower damage, they're the fire spam from the destroyer adds. The dark red circles on the spinning discs can be sidestepped (don't waste dodges) , it's a very slow moving AoE. The dark red meteor drops (with the sound effect) can be problematic if you are stuck mid-animation but the waves can be jumped.

If you're still playing ranger and struggle with the knockback due to lack of stability , you can run power up until the boss and swap to condi shortbow if you aren't running a 5 man group. The wave can be jumped.

Done right you should still have over 5 minutes on timer.

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  1. I honestly don't know if it's possible to kill Braham though I doubt it. Might have to try this.
  2. I've found it's relatively easy, both solo and in groups(CM or no), to pull, or lure, the Boss to the end of the bridge opposite the Destroyer portal early in the fight, keeping him far away from Braham and a large number of adds . Just a couple ranged attacks to get his attention and slowly back off toward the archway at the western end of the bridge. As an added bonus, if you've selected the Deldrimor Dwarves as your allied faction,(which is highly recommended) a barrel of their Alchemic Acid can be found just short distance from the Archway, making it very easy for players to keep a steady stream of thrown acid on the boss, even with how often he moves during the fight.

If using this strategy it helps if your team tries to stay keep to the west side of the boss, to ensure his whirling attack doesn't send him back across the bridge toward more adds and Braham. though not essential, it will make for a much smoother fight. Note: Braham can be ignored for the duration of the fight.

Concerning team composition:

  • Heal/Quickbrand is recommended for damage mitigation via Aegis and increased team dps via Quickness.
  • a Renegade or Chronomancer to provide party-wide Alacrity will also help improve group performance by lowering skill cooldowns allowing more frequent support anddps skill use.
  • Scourge, traited for rapid, safer revival via the blood magic line can not only help mitigate damage party-wide via near-constant Barrier application but ensure that if any ally does go down (it happens, nobody is perfect) they're teleported to the scourge and back on their feet in record time. You can forget the waypoint even exists and with a constant stream of dps the boss is far less likely to return to the center of the bridge. Note--Support oriented gear is not recommended or needed for this only the blood magic trait line, freeing up the scourge to focus on dps and boon stripping with their remaining traits/equipment

Beyond these three suggestions, fill remaining slots with DPS builds. there is quite a long timer on this challenge mode so as long as you keep the boss away fromBraham you should have little trouble finishing in time and with minimal stress.

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