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DRM Fireheart Rise bugged

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There seem to be a couple of bugs in this dragon response mission, both happening in the end fight:

When Braham needs to have his breakbar depleted, nothing happens if you do. Braham and the destroyers remain hostile and attacking the players.Before the latest patch to that one, Braham went back being your ally after being broken. I assume that's how it's actually supposed to be, considering the NPCs even hint at you having to snap him out of it.

Also, the boss has a charge attack, which he indicates with an arrow on the ground. However, he doesn't always follow that path.I've dodged out of that attack and he charged me, completely ignoring his charge indicator. Makes for a horrible time avoiding that attack.

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I’ve done this drm about 15 times solo as well as groups so I’ve spent a lot of time fighting braham and ignoring him, what I’ve noticed is it’s not just a matter of breaking the cc bar but getting his health to a certain fresh hold to make him become an ally again, even on day 1 when the content released it was this way for me doing solo runs. The charge attack I can’t really comment on I’ve not noticed a change in his direction but at the same time I’ve not looked.

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