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Updates to the Stretch Goals Meta-Achievement

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  • ArenaNet Staff

Hello, everyone,

The Stretch Goals meta-achievement earned by playing The Icebrood Saga: Champions currently requires players to complete all the associated collections. This is prohibitively costly and doesn't reflect the intended difficulty, so we're making adjustments to correct it.

Updates in the March 23 build will reduce the cost of crafting current and upcoming collections:

  • Prismatium Ingot requirements for crafting the weapons will be reduced from 10 to 5.

  • The Prismatium Ingot recipe will require 5 Prismaticite instead of 10.

  • An alternative Prismatium Ingot recipe which uses more Prismaticite and less Orichalcum will be available from the Olmakhan vendor in Eye of the North.

  • Daily Dragon Responder will reward 10 Prismaticite instead of 6.

Additionally, we will lower the requirements to complete the meta-achievement in another upcoming build. You'll receive both the "/Stretch" Emote Tome and 25 achievement points after completing 26 specific "Champions" achievements. The full weapon collections will move to the Rare Collections achievement category, and while they'll still contribute to the meta-achievement, they won't be required to complete it.

We wanted the final meta-achievement tier to be an optional bonus challenge round, but we miscalculated the full scope of the requirements. We've been reading and discussing your comments, and we don't intend for future meta-achievements of this type to include requirements that are very expensive or that are intended to be long-term goals.

Thank you for your feedback—we're looking forward to getting these changes out to you soon!

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