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This is why I hate flash sales.

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Going the other way, I am sitting on 3000 gems so I can buy discount Shared Inventory Slots and.....they didn't put them up for sale this time.

I convert gold to gems and I tend to buy gems when they drop in value. I didn't have the currency in December when Shared Slots went on a Flash Sale (not enough Gold, Conversion was high) and reviewing the Wiki stated that the Shared Inventory Slots could be on sale in March as it has been for the past several years.

That they didn't put them on sale again is not the issue here, it is that I was waiting for something that history had suggested would be most likely to happen, and didn't. The result is that multiple other discounted items I would have been interested in buying (Mount Licenses, Char Slots) I didn't because I was holding out for the Shared Inventory Slots.

The trickle down is as such. Since I didn't get to spend my currency, and there is nothing of value to me in the Gem Store, I am gonna sit on these Gems. Since I convert Gold to Gems and I last did so in early January when the price dipped, I have farmed enough gold and assets to flip to buy more gems again. Now eventually I will spend these gems, and convert more gold and spend those gems as well, but right now I don't have that as a motivator to play the game.

If I had known that the item I wanted was not going on sale, then I would have spent my Gems elsewhere. If I had spent my gems then I would be playing more to farm more Gold and Assets to convert to Gems.

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@Eloc Freidon.5692 said:

@Eloc Freidon.5692 said:March sales are the worst for this because they make a point to not announce what days have what sales until the very day it happens. The only way for players to know ahead of time is to datamine the game, which is obviously anti customer friendly. I've missed many sales I wanted to partake in because of it and have always left me sour.

And yet, ArenaNet has been posting sales one week in advance.

Not when it comes to the daily individual sales, no.

You’re right. They did not indicate which day the various items would go on sale this month. /s






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