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No mention of the brilliant racing world cup?https://www.battlefficiency.eu/en/beetle-champions-league/TODAY!March 20, World Cup Final -> 20:00 pm CET / 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7)1º -Festive Confetti Infusion2º - Queen Bee Infusion3º - Frost Legion InfusionWATCH THEM RACE in 6 highly competitive Guild Hall custom circuits

Why no chat about this - it is fantastic!

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These are the race tracks:

EQE (surfwave, 3 laps)Demon Strike [RACE] (1 lap) - did  a round in this myself - great course!The Avaricious Maraca [GWTC] (1 lap) - a really imaginative course and well contructed 0 gwt great speeds!Rise of Hell [HUR] (2 laps)Joko´s Descent [LRS] by Sergent  (1 lap)Hell´s Shadows by Hades (1 lap)
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