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Dragon Chest from Death- Branded Shatterer won't open

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After finishing the Death- Branded Shatterer event the Dragon Chest at the end isn't allowing me to collect the reward.I've tried this multiple times over the past couple of weeks without any luck.

I'm not doing the Shatterer event so this isn't due to the shared cooldown that the two of them have.

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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It was the first point of auto loot being on. I've just completed the event with a different character with both auto loot options off and it worked just fine.I guess I just assumed it was like the chest in Dragon's Stand where you still interact with it after the event.

Thank you for your help

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its to do with range of the chest when it spawns wether it auto loots for alot of those big chests, tangled depths is the perfect example, alot of people dont realise that chest auto loots as they are still in their lanes when it spawns yet being stood at the WP will auto loot. at least you now know and werent missing out on anything.

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