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Ideas for Warclaw skins!

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So after the polar bear skin for warclaw, and maybe the halloween shadow skin, the quality of warclaw skins have plummeted all the way down the sewers, I was getting kinda excited about the new skins that were introduced yesterday. The 2 new skins were absolute disappointments, the first one is just a glowy warclaw default skin (most of the other skins look exactly like it) and the other one named Grimlakin is just a shaved sabreclaw skin. I know wvw in general is neglected by anet, but at least make some effort on stuff that takes real money to obtain. On that note, could people post new skin ideas for warclaw. I will start off with a chimera (monster with lion, goat and snake heads) ¯_(ツ)_/¯

PS: Please don't make this post disappear into the pits of the wvw sub, remember people can still use Warclaw in pve and the pvp lobby! (ty anet forum bot thing).

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I like the new warclaw skin. The Sabreclaw and Marauder (the previous 'fluffy' ones) are a bit too big and chunky for my tastes, I think they'd just look silly with my characters. But this one is nice and I might well get it at some point.

As for new skins I know I've said this before but I'm going to keep bringing it up: I'd like a horse skin. I love the way GW2 does mounts, including the fact that even the basic mounts look like the kind of things which would be rare premium mounts in other games and I think it would be amusing and appropriate to come full circle and have other game's default basic brown horse as a premium skin in GW2. I think it would fit the warclaw both because the animations and abilities are the closest of all the mounts and because it's one of the ones which is more difficult to obtain which fits the theme I'm going for here. (Also I'd just like a horse.)

And yes I'm aware that there's no horses in Tyria (although there is one in GW2, just not in Tyria) and they're assumed to be extinct, mythical or from very far away, but I don't see that as an issue. There were no warclaws, springers, sand jackals, skyscales etc. until Anet put them in. We still don't have unicorn-griffon things but there's a skin for it. The fact that it's a rare, near-mythical creature in-universe also fits the theme of it being a special skin.

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I personally prefer more realistic skins. Like the aformentioned Saberclaw and Marauder. Although the Guild Riders also look ok. It's just that im personally not inot the large cat aesthetic they got. Looking more like cats than lions or tigers basically. This new skin definitely looks like a shaved saberclaw. Wish it was more unique. Probably wont buy it. I wish the auroch was designed for the warclaw too. And I want to see more large mammals as warclaw skins. A short faced Bear for example, or some large tyriam beast (more or less inspired by the Pliocene era of megafauna).

Edit: Shinny skin mounts make me wanna puke

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Here are warclaw themes I'd be interested in:• Siege Golem - A robotic warclaw with a siege golem themed sensor head and armored body. Launches off omega golem rockets instead of having the rider throw lances during Lance. Would cover the lack of Asuran themed warclaws.• Dolyak - The animations of the warclaw might be able to match what a dolyak would do! The only animation that might need to really be changed would be the Battle Maul pounce, as it spreads the front legs too wide. Change it to a dolyak ram animation!• Sylvarian Warhound - We got no Sylvari themed warclaws. Give it a vined themed Chain Pull.

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If I had to guess the most likely additions would be any themed sets that are currently missing warclaw. This way they can reuse assets , particle animations, and color palettes for the sub 1600 gem skins.

  • Alloyed
  • Awakened --- this was a mount pack , did not come with Warclaw or Skyscale
  • Aurene's Prismatic (new theme)
  • Bioluminescent
  • Darkmist
  • Exo-suit --- this was a mount pack , did not come with Warclaw or Skyscale
  • Lithosol --- less likely
  • Mad King --- this was a mount pack , did not come with Warclaw , Rollerbeetle, or Skyscale
  • Primeval --- high likelihood since it's flashy plus low effort if reusing texture and particle effects and only Warclaw and Skyscale currently missing
  • Sand Souled
  • Shiverpeaks --- this was a mount pack , did not come with Warclaw , Rollerbeetle, or Skyscale

One-off type skins befitting the Warclaw (you know, the 1600-2000 gem mount skins akin to the Sand Lion and War-Torn Marauder skins):

P.S. Tundra Grimalkin has no body armor so it isn't just a "shaved" saberclaw.

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I consider the War-Torn Marauder to be a charr themed warclaw. The armor is matching more along the lines of Blood Legion plate themes or Rytlock's Mistwarden armor. Even though I play a charr, they should probably tap into some of those other races first. That's not to say that I'd wouldn't buy a Dreadnought armor warclaw, because I definitely would.

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