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Tips on how to play a Support Spellbreaker for WvW


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As a spellbreaker, regardless whether it's support or damage, your primary role is to deny the enemy from gaining boons with your Winds of Disenchantment, stripping boons and providing crowd control. Everything else is secondary. Other classes are better suited for damage, healing and cleansing conditions. The first thing I'd recommend is checking with the commander when you join a squad to find out how he or she wants your WoD deployed. Some commanders want to drop them individually, some want them chained and others allow the spellbreaker to use their own discretion. WoD is your most important skill, therefore, you don't want to make any mistakes. Assuming that you're running sword/warhorn and hammer, here is a few things to keep in mind:

  • Sword #2, Savage Leap, is primarily used for positioning. Make sure that you don't have Autotargeting enabled in the options menu or an enemy targeted when you use the skill.
  • Warhorn #4 & #5 both have blast finishers.
  • You'll be camping in hammer for the majority of the fight. Remember, Attacker's Insight refreshes all burst skills when hitting someone with Full Counter, therefore, you'll want to use Earthshaker (F1) followed by Full Counter (F2) then Earthshaker (F1) again to maximize your burst potential.
  • Play Whac-A-Mole with your hammer as often as you can. Loss Aversion acts as a feedback loop, so every time you use adrenaline to CC someone with your burst skills, you'll gain adrenaline back from the boon strip.
  • Open your options menu and scroll down to Combat/Movement. Change Ground Targeting to Fast with Range Indicator. This will make your Earthshaker feel a little less clunky.
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