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Sic Em Soulbeast Guide - With Video - And Demo Of How To LOS Rangers

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I usually get at least one person a day who asks me what my build is. Sometimes they asks me if I can teach them the build and other times they straight up think I'm running some kind of a damage hack.

So I made a video guide for Sic Em Soulbeast to direct people to. Saves me a mouthful.

Fast forward to about 3:40 if you want to skip watching the 1v1 in the beginning and go directly to the guide. When most people go in wanting to learn Sic Em Soulbeast, they imagine themselves wielding a 1shot machine against everyone, but this does not work this way against stronger opponents. I kept the 1v1 in the footage as to demonstrate what this build's play realistically looks like vs. opponents who are actually good, rather than just showing footage of the build mulching dudes who are in lower divisions.

Keep in mind that this build is an alternative DP Thief like role. Although it can 1v1 effectively vs. most things if the player is proficient, it cannot hold nodes in side node duels and must kite to survive. It cannot stay on node in the middle of high pressure DPS in the same way that a Necro or Guardian could because it must kite to survive no matter how much support it is benefitting. This build is a Thief with a longbow and a greatsword. ~ I just want to make that clear.

Oh and consider this also a fine demo of how to LOS Rangers, if you watch the 3 minutes of the 1v1.


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