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Need advise with crafting Eternity

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Hello guys I had a question about crafting the legendary GS Eternity, so about two years ago I got the sunrise and bound it to my account unlocking the skin for transmutes. My question is if I now craft Twilight AND bind that legendary sword to me will I be able to craft Eternity with two account bound Legendary GS sunrise and twilight? And in doing so will I be able to sell that Eternity on TP all the while having both skins unlocked as transmute for my character? I don't want eternity skin to myself just want to make some gold.Apologise for framing that question weirdly.

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Yes you can make Eternity with account bound Twilight and Sunrise and yes the Eternity you get will be unbound and tradable. (Just make sure you don't equip it or add/remove sigils or anything like that before selling it as that will make it account bound - you'll have to click through a confirmation window to bind it, but it's really easy to do that without thinking about it.)

That will leave you with the skins for Twilight and Sunrise (and their various precursors) in your wardrobe but you will not have a legendary weapon with selectable stats. You'll have to get other weapons to put the legendary skin on and although they'll look like a legendary they won't gain the stat swapping functionality.

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