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Suggestions on climbing Ranked Pvp

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I picked this game up two weeks ago and had fun learning some classes. Decided to do placement matches for ranked pvp (not knowing about all the problems-bots/afk/etc). And earned silver. I've been actually trying to move up and win games but every game is filled with the aforementioned bots/afkers (I have reported when I can and have screenshots etc).

I don't know exactly what to do, it doesn't matter if I have the most kills/damage/try and outcap the bots, or go the support route and have crazy healing numbers, I still lose.

Its getting frustrating because I want to progress, but people just say to forget about it and just queue for the rewards and don't take it seriously.

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@Filip.7463 said:Learn in ranked - it isnt worth tryharding, tournaments are

There is a big difference between getting better and climbing leaderboard

This. I don't rPvP any more but I felt like whenever I walked into a normal PVP match I roflstomped, and then in ranked I had the same issues you'd mention -> Doesn't matter if I outplayed everyone, we still lost. The only way you'll get better is by playing more ranked and watching streamers who do and are good at it.

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Learn how you counter each class. Honestly, every fight in Pvp is just focusing the weakest enemy first. Figure out how to kill each class the fastest.

Then, how they counter you. All players attacks are the same, once you understand the pattern. Only a rare few actually adapt to each battle. The one who wins is the one who understands the best likely scenario.

If you figure all that out, you'll start to change your build slightly before every match. You'll look at the enemy team and know what will work and what doesn't.

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Thanks everyone. Was super frustrated but changed my build to chrono with greatsword. Now I just put a bunch of Wells down where the bots are fighting the other bots to support them while I do a lot of damage from a distance.

When I wrote the first post I lost enough to go down to bronze tier, now I'm back up to silver II. Learning how to make sure my bots won really helped.

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@"vegetableknife.4561" said:Update: I made it to Gold!Fought through all the bots/afkers and most of all, learned2play to climb over 300 points from bronze to gold lol.Having a mindset of not caring that much and just trying to get better definitely helped.

Ugh finally lol


And you should just play what you feel like. If you know there's someone with a build that will make what you're playing then probably switch because it won't be a fun match if you're getting destroyed the whole match. But otherwise, it's just a matter of luck and whether matchmaking wants to give you 1-3 bots or place you up against a plat 2/3 team.

Just do it for the gold. It's a pretty good income if you just spam matches.

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