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Infusion Legendary armory

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Add Infusions to legendary armory please

this will make it very nice for alts to be able to be played in fractals

Also, it's a small issue for people who have already geared up on extra infusions since those can be sold again.

PS is nice that we get comments from devs on new puppy skins in the gemstore, but I hope that one can get a comment about this kind of suggestions as well.

Thanks great game

Almost forgot make trinkets and rings transmog able.

That way u can sell gemstore effects similar to the legendary trinkets and rings and make a lot of money

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I'm for all upgrades working this way. Since runes and sigils will also be absorbed into it. Of course it makes sense that you'll be able to pull legendaries out of the armory since Sunrise and Twilight would have to, if you want to upgrade them into Eternity.

Don't give your hopes up, though. Infusions might not work the same way.

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