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[NA] PvE End-Game Content Training / Static! (Fractal & Raids)


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Always wanted to bring your stats to end-game level?Ever wanted to raid but never have the courage to enter due to the toxicity of pugs? (Expecting you to know everything, insta-kick/bans those who makes mistakes in just 1-2 runs)Ever wanted to go end-game fractals but never had the opportunity to even try it due to not being given the opportunity to do so?

Guild FOTM and FITM are looking to fill up both our Fractal and Raid rosters.At the moment - our available rosters are;

  • Experienced Runs focusing on wing 7,6,5 every Sunday GMT+7 10:00am - 12:00pm
  • Training Runs focusing on wing 1,2,3,4 every Tuesday GMT+7 10:00am - 12:00pm
  • Fractal Runs from beginners starting from Tier 1 on a daily basis (Scheduled on evenings)
  • Fractal CM Trainings (Scheduled on evenings mostly when there are enough members to fill the list)We're situated in NA (Borlis Pass to be specific), however - you do NOT need to be in Borlis Pass to play with us. Just ensure that you're in NA!Both guilds provides Nodes which can farm and sell (for your daily gold income) and FOTM is geared up with max discounted waypoint travels if you chose to REP it!

Mindset to have

We prioritize fun over clearing the contents. In a way, there's absolutely NO RUSH to clearing it, or rather what we feel is that there's not much joy in clearing the content if you have to do it by taunting, scolding or even shaming others for it! We believe that anyone can clear end-game contents providing;1 - One is willing to put enough time to practice / learn your roles as well as the stage's mechanics2 - One is willing to improve and not be a burden to the team mateMake enough mistakes and eventually you'll learn from it! At first, the contents might overwhelm an individual, but given enough opportunity and runs, eventually you'll get used to it and are able to come up with your own creative ways to conquer it! But of course, you first must be placed in a situation full of relaxed, chill and patient people willing to show you the rope and allow you to make those mistakes without taunting you for making it in the first place! We're giving you THAT opportunity - seize them if you so wish!

  • Open discussions are encouraged! (Why bring this class with this build for that fight? Why not THAT class with THAT build? etc.)
  • Trials and errors are encouraged! We would like you to be able to enjoy the content to the fullest playing anything that you'd like as long as it has the potential to clear the content
  • Communications between members are HIGHLY encouraged (We're talking about team-play here where communication is VITAL to the success of your runs)

If you would like to look around, be sure to visit our discord at;https://discord.gg/zTRypGgnUh and contact either of these 2 players in-game at

  • KaNeSaDaZ.3961 (Discord name - ZhenWeita-DkeyStudio#4325)
  • Dave Valdivia.7143 (Discord name - Dave Valdivia#2291)


It would be best if you have your own headset and are able to listen and also chat vocally!We're very open minded people and can talk about anything you wish to talk about!(From builds, games and other things that's going on in your personal life should you wish to discuss it)

If you'd like to know more about the guild, do visit;https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/125080/na-pve-fotm-fitm-the-guild-you-call-home#latest~~

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