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No luck with luck.

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@Follyfoot.2803 said:My luck stays at 48. Am I overlooking something?

What do you mean exactly with this part?You have luck and when you consume it, it updates the luck bar. When the luckbar is full you gain 1% off magic find o your account. This can be seen in the hero window (achievements tab).

So is your magic find not increasing, or is the luck bar not increasing?How high is your magic find? if it is 300 you've reached the max. To reach this you'll need to consume a total of 4.295.450 luckIf you are now on 48 magic find (without bonusses) you'll need a total amount of 690 luck to progress to 49% of magic find

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Enter your Hero specs and then click on the Achievements tab (to the left).In the bottom right corner, you should have a field showing your value for Luck.Click on some +10 Luck and watch that value, see if it changes.

Your luck doesn't increase each time you click on a Luck +10, +100 or any of those. Your Luck will gather point, in the same way as you get Experience for your hero and advance in level. The higher Luck Level you reach, the more Luck you need to consume before you see a difference on your Level (%-value).Check the picture in this link: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Achievement

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