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[NA]better than average, not as good as the elites. LF raid / FOTM guild to push my skills.

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Hello.Im a gw2 vet looking for a group of players who can help me push my skills to the next level. Ive been out of the game for a while. But i recently came back and I feel like the metas for fractals have gone all crazy. people keep doping weird tricks and skips i never saw before. Ive spent the last 8 years of guild wars playing well the average playerbase. But i dont have the friend group (no offence to them! I love my friends! <3 ) to help me push my skillset to the next level.

im NOT looking for a guild to leach off of. i want a guild that can help me grow as a player.

Im a mesmer main. with almost 3k hours on the class. I also have almost 1.5k on ele. and many hours on other classes. I have a handful of level 100 ready characters. Mesmer(obviously), Warrior, Elementalist, Multiple dragonhunters (for dps and support). I dont have a renegade set up for t4s yet. my rev is a mule right now.

Fractal experience so far. I have the legendary back piece from fractals. so im moderately experienced. I suppose the best way to describe my skill level is "im proficent at completing the content the way arenanet intended. but I lack a knowledge of a lot of skips and tricks." I can get through all of the fractals on normal mode with reletave ease. Im not very experienced with Challenge modes of most fractals. I did a bunch of nightmare CM back when it came out. but its been a while so i would need a serious refresher. My goals is to be able to breeze through any fractal CM, and to unlock relevant tiles.

Raid experience so far. I have a full set of legendary armour. My experience set is very similar to my fractal set. I have killed every boss many many many times (in wings 1-6. never stepped foot in 7 as of yet). For a few years leading up to the release of wing 6, i played guild wars 2 exclusively for raiding. After being one of the few teams to beat wing 6 right at launch, i played really hard raiding for another month before I burned myself out super hard. i put the game down for a few years. Im a mesmer main. which means i was in Chrono tank jail, and honestly i loved every second of it. The old chrono god was my happy place and im so sad its gone. It got replaced with being a DPS god. Not complaining about Mesmer still being the best at something.

Any guilds interested or if you have further questions, Send me a mail in game. (i dont check the fourms at all)

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