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What completely nutty WvW builds are you guys running?

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It's actually kind of hard to make a build that's just ridiculous for the sake of it at this point. If I think of a crazy idea, I'm going to end up trying to make something legit out it even if I start out just messing around.DE-CS-Trick Rifle + WhateverDA-CS-Trick Sword/Dagger + Shortbow

  • These are pretty much the same build and they're actually pretty generic but I think I prefer the Confusion on Steal even if sometimes it's just shaken off because they're smart and calm. Even then, the support or sniper I hit has to think about what they're using for a second.
  • I had been just messing around with Pitfall for laughs but that one is everywhere from kind of useful to flipping a fight. Just mask yourself dropping Preps if you're setting up something before their drive so they don't avoid that spot.
  • I kind of want to go back to Rune of Surging but I'd have to shake up my stats again to hit some thresholds and that's always a pain. It's a weird Rune set since I'd try to get burst hit and better by groups rather than just one person for a full heal or whatever secondary stuff you have from Interrupts. I think they could make a really fun combo with Pitfall and some other stuff if timed right.
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Thanks for the replies, there's some fun ideas in here 🙂 my favourite weird build for a while has been celestial deadeye, which is now getting buffed, so hey xD




I can keep 25 might up while attacking on that pretty easily by cycling malice with M7, so when the next balance patch hits if the stats work the way they look like they will I figure I'll be able to switch to thorns runes and get 100% poison duration on top of this, which ought to boost damage nicely. 

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