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[DETH] You Cannot Escape-NA-Tarnished Coast-WvW-Fight Guild LF More


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We are a WvW Small Squad/Havoc/Fight Guild located on Tarnished Coast. We are currently focusing on our comp fight squad. We are happy to train players on how to play within our group.Classes needed: FB's(Support and Burn) Renegade's and Holo's

Current Raid Schedule: Saturday 8:30PM - 10:30PM CSTWe run Reset Raid 9 PM -11 PM CSTYou are expected to make at least one of these per week.There is almost always someone to run with in WvW daily.Guild "Fun Run" every Wednesday 8 PM CSTGuild Builds, Discord and Mandatory Training Sessions are required.Rep is not required outside of raidGuild Hall level 69 with buffs

For more information contact Ali.1420, in game or drop a comment and contact preference in our guild YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGzarYITr0zCD13R8A1IR8A

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