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[BUG; 4/1/21] Cannot kill Mischievous Child

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And it's absolutely terrible!

Yesterday, I was doing my favourite, high stakes event Casino Rush in Amnoon. Now, we all know this is already a difficult event, where if you afk on your boon herald, a ginormous Choya Pinata will appear that tries to eat you. But, I noticed a new problem with it that's even worse:

I can't kill the children.

That's right: Those terrible little rascals with their balloon launchers and its unpurgeable slow effect are perpetually green. Now, I don't know about you, but I feel a clear and present danger when I'm knocked down ingame, or my HP is whittled away 1-10 points at a time by those oddly indestructible catapults. Below are some screenshots of various strategies I have tried to get those darn kids off my beautiful Las Vegas lawn:

My default tactic: 111111111


The Wil E. Coyote Approach


The Snowcrows Special


Hitting them with the blunt end of my flamethrower and screaming incoherently


As you can see, none of these work! Please, Anet, let us kill them! For the children!

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