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Idle players in dragon response missions

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It's kind of annoying, because they do scale up the hit points of the NPCs a tad. Sometimes I wonder why I don't just select the private instance, because it downscales to 1 person anyways. No moochers there and you can activate a couple of challenge modes if you want.

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@robertthebard.8150 said:I'd be careful about reporting them for scamming, because a simple check of the logs is going to show that you were just mad, and you won't have to worry about them any more, for a while, anyway, while you're on vacation.

I agree with not reporting them for the wrong offence. If you are alone with them in your group, one thing you could do is lock the group and then leave the instance. You can join another instance on an alt, leaving the AFKer alone.

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@Raknar.4735 said:Best way to solve this is to just create your own group or solo DRMs.

this. with a decently put together build, you can solo most of the DRMs even with all 3 challenges turned on. the only one i can think of where you'd probably not be able achieve the timer is with snowden and it's super short challenge timer + thunderhead keep if you're a bit slow on the trashmob cleanup after the morale events.

solo-ing is actually faster in some cases and mobs are scaled to 1 player so they aren't super sponge-y/tanky compared to a full group.

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