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[EcK] is an All Thief Guild for WvW in NA on Darkhaven

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  • HAVE to understand verbal english
  • HAVE to be at least 16 years old
  • Have to USE discord (no mic necessary)
  • HAVE to have a thief
  • HAVE to be at least free account and MAY purchase the expansions, at which point they will purchase the expansions, then choose a free transfer to Darkhaven.

Have to wear EcK tags while in wvw (with us) & (while participating with 1 or more EcK members ON THIEF ONLY). Guild missions can represent on any class for rewards. (otherwise you dont get rewarded )

Anyone leaving the guild without reason will have to leave/kicked and banned from discord __Let someone know why you cannot get on discord, if within reason, we'll make an exception (you cant keep using same excuse, please be on eventually.)

       Visit The Link to our discord: discord.gg/5CHuqkK 

In order to join the guild, You must read and follow the instructions at the bottomsome rules have been adjusted and some have not. please pm me in game/ mail me in game any questions @ Lithril Ashwalker.6230

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