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Characters interviewing each other feels too out of place.

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The brute "im strongest and smartest" Ryland suddenly become interested in what Caithe have to says, would make more sense hes "interview" the commander.

Same for Canach and the "little tengu girl".This format of present events and add lore is subpar and repetitive.

It is forgivable in "forging steel", the dialogue between nicabar and ranoah because it is a artistic tribute to the clichés of the war films of the 80's.

Also in "forging steel" Ryland obstinated military leader, asks his companions to stop chatting........., so hes "changes" in the DRM and starting being talkative and "interviews" Caithe lolz.

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GW2's always had this problem with characters not really having organic conversations, and just straight up asking questions straight off the List of Lore and Exposition the Devs Need To Get Out I was hoping they'd learn to avoid this over 8 years, but it just seems to be the game's writing "style" at this point :T.

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Though this can be put down to design problems, it can also be explained by Ryland caring about Jormag's position that everyone should listen more—you can't reason without listening. So for a while he was keeping his cool and trying to please Jormag. We're still not 100 per cent sure why it is so for him in particular, but he's clearly invested in Jormag. The pained expression when Ryland and Jormag first converse—as if Jormag realises something regarding his nature that no one else does—seems to have struck him a certain way.

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