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SAB World 2 alligator hitboxes

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The boomerang isn't stunning the alligators in World 2 Zone 1 at all. In the first rivers it passes trough the alligator and hits the turtle. a little further down the zone, after the raft. when you have to use the flowers to jump forward there is another alligator. trying to hit it with a boomerang clearly shows its passing trough the head, but not stunning it.


This image shows the boomerang inside the mouth of one of the alligators, and yet, it will not be stunned at all. This was the case last year as well

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You can very much stun alligators with the boomerang. You just have to move your character lower. Which sometimes isn't possible in certain spots. For whatever reason, the alligator's hitbox sits lower than the visual model; if you're able to move lower on the Z axis, you'll be able to hit it.

You'll notice the same behavior from the slingshot, since both it and the boomerang travel in a straight line - right over the hitbox and not connecting most of the time.

That being said, this is the main reason I've stopped using the boomerang and switched back to the whip.

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