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virtue guardian & dh question

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We are also talking virtues DH here?Virtues DH is better DPS than Core guardian.While the difference on the golem isn't big, it might be bigger on actual bosses depending on your phasetime.That being said, there are some good reasons to bring Core Guardian over Virtues DH.For one you basically get one free utility skill without sacrificing any real damage.The bigger reason is the ability to bring signet share. Virtues DH can't do that and I wouldn't be surprised if Core guardian beats Virtues DH on sustained fights since the PI fix from 2 or 3 weeks ago.

On Adina I'd play DH in pugs and core in a static.

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Virtues is a situational traitline which is only worth taking over Radiance (if playing DH) if you can mantain permanent Aegis. If you know that your Aegis will be stripped and you won't be able to reapply it, play Radiance DH instead. If you play DH, by taking virtues traitline you are losing 25% Crit Chance from Righteous Instincts and 10% from Radiant Power, so you need to remember to adjust your gear. If you play Core guard, you are not losing Radiance traitline, so you can still use the same gear as normal DH build.

Most common scenarios where it will be beneficial to take this traitline as DH would be either having a Boonthief, who can provide permanent 11 boons (including very important Aegis which is your 20% dmg increase), or having another Guardian in your party who will bring "Retreat!" to provide Aegis for you. If you don't have any of those in your squad, you will most likely not be able to maintain permanent Aegis on yourself, as you are only able to apply it on yourself via Shield of Courage. Remember that you will lose Aegis everytime you get hit by a mechanic, for example autoattack from the boss or mechanics like Gorseval's slam, Mind Crush on Deimos (even if standing in the bubble), purple orbs on CA and many more.

Shield of Courage has a very long cooldown so it's not a reliabile Aegis source. I would also not advise you to swap any of your utility skills as a Dragohunter to "Retreat!" as the damage loss resulting from that is just not worth it in my opinion and you will probably be better off just playing Radiance traitline (or playing Core Guardian with "Retreat!" at this point, as you won't lose as much damage by taking it unlike Dragonhunter).

Playing Core guard allows you to keep Radiance traitline, which can be used to signet share (via Perfect Inscriptions + Bane Signet), which is useful when you stack guardians/power classes in organized grops in speedkills (for example you will see it in most Adina speedkills).

Given the above, in pugs or less organized groups virtues DH will usually be only worth taking with a Boonthief present, so on bosses like MO, Adina. Core Guard can be used in pug scenario for example on Gorseval, CA, but then remember to take retreat to reapply aegis to yourself. In organized groups it depends what your squad needs - if it's worth to run signet share, then you will play core guard, you just want highest personal dmg then you will play virtues DH (given that you have perma aegis).If you can't afford gear variations for virtues DH (thief runes, accuracy sigils, assassin pieces, depening if you have spotter or not), you can just play Core Guard instead as it uses standard DH gear.

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Guardian is the only profession I am aware of where Core outperforms elite specs most of the time, if you wanted to play DH I would advice you to play GS-Sw/F radiance, it does decent dps and it's not as situational as the virtues which is heavily dependent on Aegis. You can't compete with OP professions like power Chronos or Soulbeasts but you can bring some useful utilities like pulls and CC.

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