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[EU] LF Raid Progression group/Static


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What am i looking for ?

I'm looking for a raid static/group within or without a guild where I can progress and improve with. I practice my skills on the classes I play with on a weekly basis. With only ~300 LI there is still some improvement necessary. I would say that I always do my best and want to improve in every possible way.

I'd like a Fun/Chill bunch to raid with, that also focuses on progression and Helping each other out. I can provide several classes which most of them i can play on a decent level but nonetheless I'm always willing to learn more and get better.


Classes i can provide:

  • Condi Firebrand
  • Power Dragonhunter
  • Bannerslave
  • Alac Ren
  • Healscourge
  • Chrono tank
  • Power chrono
  • Mirage
  • Druid

Not greatly familiar with Chrono and Currently working on druid and understanding the class


familiarity with the raid Wings

I have seen every boss at least once or twice and only have 2 to scratch of the list of first kills. Know most of the mechanics as well and will volunteer to do mechanics, even the ones I haven't done before. "Taking one for the the team, Aye!"

Wings I have done frequently are Wing 1-2-4 and 7. and I'm mainly interested in progression and learning wing 3-5-6 but willing to do every wing as long as it is a progression group



Extra infromation and contact

I am basically available every day besides Sunday preferably in the evenings past 20:00 CEST

Killproof link: https://killproof.me/proof/EA65Discord: Serato_#1553

Please reach out to me if you see me fit in the group setting through Discord or in-game mail

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