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Darkmists Mount Set

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So far they haven't done this for mount 'sets' which were released individually in the licence packs, even after they've got skins for all the mounts. They also haven't updated the existing packs with skins for the newer mounts. Basically so far each mount skin has had only 1 way of obtaining it (or two if you count random and select licences separately), which is about the only part of the whole system that isn't overly complicated.

As far as I know Anet haven't said anything about it but players have speculated it's so they don't upset people who already paid for them (likely spending more than a pack would cost), which was their reason for not adding a select licence for the original adoption licence mounts even after they admitted making them purely RNG was a mistake. The other theory is that it's because it currently costs more than they could reasonably sell a pack for, and they know some people will pay it so keeping them separate makes more money. Or it could be a bit of both, or even that whoever gets to make this decision doesn't know some players think of mounts with the same design as a set and it's never occurred to them to bundle them together.

Personally I think they should do it though. I'd be a bit annoyed if the primeval skins were all grouped together for 3,200 gems (I'm assuming that would be the price for all 8, since it's 2,000 gems for 5) when I've probably spent more than that just on the ones released so far, but on the other hand I've had some of them for years already, so in a way it balances out. But there's others I haven't got, or I've only got one or two skins from and I might buy the full pack if it was available. It's the only way I'd get the 'star' mounts, since the griffon and jackal are only available from the original RNG licences.

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