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Hi, if you're interested I'm looking for a static for raids. I call myself a daredevil 1-trick because I've been playing daredevil pretty much¬†exclusively since Path of Fire. I have clears w1-4, small amount of exp on sh/dhuum, kills on first bosses of 6-7 with no or little experience on either Qadim (ironically where thief is primarily used ūüôā). I do dabble in deadeye a little and I'm willing to play it, currently on the heart quest for legendary armor with ~60 insights so I'll be able to play condi DD once I finish that, and maybe holo/ranger when I get the insights to build the armor. I do have an alac mirage that I have very little experience on. I'm willing to take it to easy bosses to get a feel for it outside of training area, but definitely prefer playing thief at the moment.


Probably doesn't matter, but I have a decent raiding background in both FF and WoW. I try to be competitive where it matters (mostly with myself/my own play) while trying to remain casual outside of a raid environment.


If you're interested shoot me an in-game mail or something, my weekdays are pretty iffy with how often I'm on (try to do dailies at the least) but I'm pretty active at the moment on weekends.

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lf raid training have every class to 80 havent done much in the raiding aspect want to learn more about raids and fractals mainly been pvping and wvwing and some pve content lookin to switch it up my main class atm is ELE I have 2 ascended sets for it most of my other classes in exotic can do dps or support roles  or willing to learn whatever is needed on any class doesnt matter want to be well rounded. I am a retired Veteran central standard time on usually everyday all day long cuz theres nothin better to do with my time since thats what i got alot of now a days so hmu if your interested in me joinin the guild discord tag is XxSoNAeLxX#1219 or send me a guild invite ingame pdl.1803


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Hello. Returning player here looking to join your guild.

I returned about a month ago, doing t3 fractals (but I have the AR to do t4, 150 AR), WvW, and PvP. I am on GMT+8 timezone, and usually play around 4 hours on weekdays and 12 hours on weekends.

I'm looking forward to raids, but I think I have only done VG, nothing else. I am very willing to learn and do all wings. I only play mesmer for now. I have 2 ascended sets, one is trailblazer/viper mix, and one is full minstrels.


Discord: Rev#4118

In-game: Reven.2489

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