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The Future of Gw2 in WVW


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@xan.8549 said:

  • The elite EBG would have the same setup as the one we have now except the player will be met with a choice of the CURRENT pvp amulets - Devastator or whatever the tanky one is called. They will earn pips at a higher rate, and the downstate HP will be 66% less.

yeah you lost me when you suggested the PVP amulet system in WVW. You want shitty builds with no creativity go to sPvP....dont screw up wvw.

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@mistsim.2748 said:

@mistsim.2748 said:I recall ANet having quite a bit of animosity toward GvG'ers years back

(...)This is why I was excited to hear about a potential 15v15 map, but you need to design fun objectives around that. Apparently Devon was hired back, and I'm not sure where he stands on all this. Wasn't he the arrow cart guy?

Devon is back?ahah the swquishy respawn ele charr and very ugly toon as well :bleep_bloop:


Not sure if i understood u well but the suposed players u talk about on 15vs15 are experienced at stealth stack n spam with rotations and gimick nothing more, if theres such game mode would exist several objectives to acomplish individual and has a group just like gw1 GVG scheme, where group should form teams and splits to complete these tasks and roles with objective and strategie in mind, it would not be the same to stealth as much u can and aoe as much u can, those groups would just be fresh players into that gamemode almost as any other.

The fake gvg players from gw2 just want to use their own stack gimick from stealth n spam nothing more....that's ve ry idiotic to want a gamemode and waste of developers time.

Wonder how much time/effort/cost would be to fork a gw1 GVG map into gw2 for 10 VS 10 testing :\ (10 since gw1 maps were designed for teams of 8)

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@kamikharzeeh.8016 said:

@mistsim.2748 said:I heard whispers of ANet experimenting with a 15v15 mode. not sure if anyone can verify this. Might be interesting in a spvp context as well. Conquest really blows and most players are tired of it.

Read this thread

The post was in Jan 2020. The 15v15 map is done. Just the UI isn't working for it. If we don't get 15v15 with EoD expansion, it's probably not coming.

Unfortunately it just looks like some failed experiment that they might throw into custom arenas. No hint they'd integrate it into spvp or wvw.

talked with some LAYS guy on stream about this... the expected problem is, 15v15 is a format where the Wvw fighting guilds are very experienced with, so... will be just dominating it, good chance the waiting Q for it will be huge pretty soon, and considering how many ex-hardcore guilds don't even play anymore, might be a rather empty place.

I mean, organized groups & long queue times are the exact issues World of Warcraft has always had with their rough equivalents to this.

Still, Arathi Basin in GW2 would be a fun mode that a number of people would play. Yeah, organized groups would dominate it. Just like they do in WoW.But it would also encourage more people to make said organized groups.

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@Aeolus.3615 notsure if u're aware how battles work. stealth is used bc people outside of gvg or fighting guilds would often just plainly run away in many cases. the strong guilds have no issue at all with not stealthing before a engage, but they often fight far higher numbered groups, and there u need the stealthpush so u can place the bombs with best effect. u cannot stray dmg anymore really due to the targetcaps and generally small damage.

those who only stealthpush and fail to do well without at all are rather a few guilds, and usually the way smaller ones. most good ones have a roster of 25-30 at least, so they can push around 40-50 people with stealth.u are not wrong that it might be a chance and people might form more 15ish groups, just that this size is still pretty small compared to Wvw sizes. this could even backfire and we getting more 15ish groups.if two 15ish guilds then run on resets on main maps, you cannot even form a blob anymore effectively. if all sides do that, the chaos is perfect. everyone stealthing around and it becomes effectively a eightway fight, where every single stealthing group causes massive lagspakes rather than damage.

we had today even lags at reset while fighting, even in only two-ways and the last one even in a 12+39vs50+10~ twoway. (the map was still perma-queued, as often, no idea where the missing 20 ppl been)

@"Jski.6180" honestly, i consider that not even as updates. neither the warclaw nor the "balance" did make Wvw any better, rather caused more ppl to quit.

the real "temporary solution" was actually the links system.. and it is still here.

@TheOneWhoSighs.7513 i mean, organized groups would be just the ideal. the MostEffectiveTacticAvailable kinda. compareable to the spartan phalanx and the roman battle formations in ancient warfare... and since there are no other weapons of mass destruction like tanks or airforce or longterm missile within Wvw for obvious reasons, it is pretty weird that people sorta don't accept this.

the solution to queues would have been (like spoilered in the alliances plan of 2018 or whenever it has been) to make Wvw-specific guild option, and encouraging the bulk of the Wvw population to play under guild banners - but here we go again towards the part that is just not our beer. the devs technically get paid to make these things working and to improve them.

@displayname.8315 notsure what u mean there

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@kamikharzeeh.8016 but that's the reason i want stealth access out of most classes, only mesmers and thief should have it, last time i pl,ayed wvw (quite some time ago tho) theres was massive usage of minstrells scrappers and quite some using stealth aoes, IMO that is already a issue for the game performance and gameplay.

Omniblob everything is a bad thing... it only works cause most time the bigger groups is figthing smaller servers or has more than one blob across maps, it exist as the meta to play due how WvW is badly designed.Superspeed+Quickness+stealth is massive tool on clients to render the bigger the groups the bigger the impact.

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