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[NA][Fibbin Notchee][Eredon Terrace WvW]: Looking for players who stare at the enemy group longingly

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We built this city for chaos and you are absolutely invited to help us roast…everything.

Details for those with a very small attention span:· Located on Eredon Terrace (the best server ever created)· NA Primetime, NA PST and EU are our time zones· Bring whatever classes you want, rangers are a priority· Sometimes I lead from the comfort of my bathroom shouting commands· Fushnickens

Greetings citizens of the realm. I’ve come to invite you into a strange and wondrous place. It is a community of mystery. It is a community of madness. No, we do not float down here. Because we have HOVERCRAFTS. Goddamn right.

First and foremost nothing that I say or do has any bearing upon reality. Except that it does. We will boldly go forth and kill things with wild abandon and a wide grin on our collective faces. I mean other than Barry. He’s always a sour sack of GMO wheat grain for some reason. Apparently he choked during S1 of WvW and cost his server 2nd place. Which as we all know is now captured for all time on the Yak statue at the Citadel on the Alpine BL. Go look. I’ll wait. It is a small plaque underneath the Yak’s smack shack.

Anyway, back to the point I was making. This guild is a community yet the community is not a guild. For we play all sorts of games. Sometimes we even do it with a 50% winning ratio which we all know is the goal of enlightened people everywhere.

Rules for this guild:

  1.  Don't look at our butts
  2.  You can be kicked for not being random enough
  3.  Spoon
  4.  I've been here for weeks and I still can't find the tacos
  5.  This space reserved for the law of fives  


Our chief elements are surprise and fear. The guild specializes in building up Hills and Bay only. That’s it. Our members bond over walking yaks. Fights? Absolutely not. Who the @#$#@$#@ fights when I can slap you with my choya hammer, turn invisible and laugh while you search for me the rest of the night? Jokes on you I moved to a different server in the night and now I’m on your team. Take that captain wapcaplet.

If you are a shot caller, a big baller or a Darth Mauler don’t hesitate to join us for feasting and tea time. That happens during raids. Actually I’m not sure we ever leave the spawn area if I’m being honest.

And I’m never honest. Really. I mean it this time.

Fatherbliss.4701 Guild Leader and destroyer of hearts

Araphelbliss.4016 Slightly salty commander

Knightofmab.2593 Nomad in charge of teapots

Transientbliss.7584 SPAM

Hypanionbliss.9508 Preserving the HAIL ERIS once again

Alec.1430 Chief Officer, Recruiting expert and Demolickin specialist

Alec.8546 Totally a different person!

PumpkinKing.7285 This space reserved for a rhyme, a crime and a sublime narrative

Terrorscream.5289 YOU GET :IN: THE VAN

KrazyKarzy.1396 Just do it


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Stares at the enemy players in binary. 1111 is the key to winning any engagement. Also don’t forget to W. 

These boots are made for walkin' and that's just what they'll do. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you!

oooooh I want to PPT with somebody I want to feel the PPK with somebody oooooh I want to walk yaks with somebody with somebody who rubs me...when I fall down and bleeeeeed ooouuuuttt

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2 hours ago, Grey Mane.9487 said:

Happy Birthday, Alec!!


And FatherBliss, we cannot have the same avatar.  Change yours pretty please and thank you.


What if I really am you via a little known secret machine that I hid in my backyard called the "Mane-iac Conundrum".


Its a dryer. With an alpaca guarding it.

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  • knightofmab.2593 changed the title to [NA][Fibbin Notchee][Eredon Terrace WvW]: Looking for players who stare at the enemy group longingly

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