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Please include race results in the disable special announcements option!

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It's irritating, distracting, unnecessary screen clutter (of which there is already too much) and I don't care who the fuck has won!It's a good thing that we can already disable the event announcement stuff but please include this as well because it's getting on my nerves.

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@"Yggranya.5201" said:Brings to mind some other MMOs. Some moron paid for and got something from a loot box, and absolutely everyone needs to know what they got. Nobody cares.

I played a few like that. So annoying, especially if they're more populated and the message appears across the screen for every insignificant thing they bought or "made" with the thing they bought. Like, ok, you wasted your money, good for you, let me play the game in peace.

As for the races - back to the topic at hand - they don't appear often so i'm not that bothered, but i wouldn't mind an option to turn it off. More options for people to tune their experience is always nice. It's not like knowing the name of the race winner is crucial information to anyone, so disabling it should be a thing.

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