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Fear duration?

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If you mean Condi Duration wise, like all conditions 100%.If you mean single skills, 4 seconds (in PvE) with maxed Duration.If you mean combining all Fear skills able to be available by a single player with 100% Fear Duration (PvE, Necromancer), 12 Seconds.If you mean maximum duration that can be applied at any time, it would be 5 stacks of 4 seconds each (100% Duration, multiple players, PvE), for a total of 20 seconds.

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My experience of fear at it's best just makes the target turn around then straight back at you. Note, anything above a squirrel and it has no effect at all apart from making it mad. Enemy bosses on the other hand can, and do, fear you right of the side of a convenient cliff edge that always seems to be present.

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