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Signet of Courage feel weak


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So I recently started playing with some signets other than Bane on Guardian, and noticed how annyoing is it to use some of them. Signet of Courage especially. It may give nice passive healing, but active effect is 2,5 sec cast time and you can't even move while casting it. So you're defensless for really long time and so is your team (if you were supposed to heal them), just waiting for this "big heal". More than that, when you are moving constantly, then stop to use it, then sometimes you don't stop right away, so skill gets canceled and goes on short cooldown.Looking on some forums I saw people saying "never play this". I see why they say it, but I wanna ask different question. Should it be changed and how?

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I've used Signet of Courage pretty well as a Dragon Hunter.

Use F2 to leap away or to a friend in need, which I usually have traited, then face the enemy and use F3 for the block that covers both you and your teammate, then use the signet. Smart teammates will hide behind you and throw out blinds to counter any unblockables so you all get full healed.

That and if you can use terrain to block line of sight for part of the cast time and Focus 5 for the rest that works well too. I prefer it to Renewed Focus.

It isn't some panic I win button, you actually have to have a plan for when and how to use it, and since it requires forethought that means it is less popular amongst the general player base.

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