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volatile magic farm. Question ?? (that is probably a bug or a new limit that has come out)

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I am pt. gathering volatile magic. And the last week every time I have gather ca 1000. via the ones that u can see in the open world with anything else. Then like said around 1000 volatile magic. Then all the visibel in the open world disappear, and for all my characters. I can still take the rift repair but I get no volatile magic points, but I get 8 volatile magic. when come to the end were other rift is, I get volatile magic. and 1 mistborn mote. Apart from that I still get volatile magic from gathering (but Have not been close to 1000 there so I do not know if there is a limit) and the same goes for event and other this related to that.So Is this a bugOr have u limited how many volatile magic. (ca 1000 pr day) ??GreetingZen

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