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Forum Moderation and Infraction System

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Welcome to the official Guild Wars 2 Forums. To keep discussions constructive and fun, everyone who joins the forums accepts and agrees to our Forums Code of Conduct.


When Moderation Takes Place

If one of your posts is removed, you'll be informed of the following:

  • The reason the moderator took action
  • The results of that action
  • The length of the infraction period

Check your private messages to get this information. Click the Inbox at the top of the page, then the words "You have been warned." This will take you to the page that shows the details of the incident. If you are suspended, you’ll be informed of the duration when you next attempt to log in.



There are three possible levels of action moderators take when reviewing posts that break the Code of Conduct. Points you receive for infractions can stack and result in extended suspension periods or forum account termination if you accrue a high volume of infractions in the same timeframe.



Minor infractions will result in a Notice. The moderator will remove the post and add a single tracking point to your account. These points expire in about 24 hours and they will have no impact on your account unless you accrue several of them in a short period. Notices are a reminder of our forum expectations, so please pay attention to them to avoid further infractions.


Content that May Receive a Notice:

  • Duplicate posts
  • Posts that quote removed content
  • Necro-posts (comments in an obsolete thread)
  • Posts that are off-topic, derailing, "bumps," etc.

If your post is removed because it quotes a post we removed for breaking the rules, you’ll receive a Notice to inform you. The point will expire after 24 hours and does not impact your account in any way, so it’s not necessary to appeal.


More serious breaches of the Code of Conduct will incur a Warning, which may result in forum account suspension or termination, depending on the severity of the infraction and your account history.

Suspensions begin at 3 days. Multiple or severe infractions will result in longer suspension.

Posts that May Receive a Warning:

  • Personal attacks on other players or ArenaNet staff
  • Sexually explicit content or circumventing the language filter
  • Information that allows other players to discover or take advantage of an exploit or cheat

Forum Account Termination

We would always prefer to work with players to help them follow the Code of Conduct and join discussions productively, but if you’ve demonstrated that your behavior is not likely to improve, you will lose your forum account access permanently.

Posts that May Result in Immediate Forum Account Termination:

  • Linking directly to content that violates the Code of Conduct
  • Hate speech
  • Revealing someone’s real-life personal information, with or without malicious intent
  • Breaching a non-disclosure agreement  (that of ArenaNet or any other company)
  • Threatening any person

Using more than one account to post on our forums may result in the termination of all your accounts. This policy is in place to prevent anyone from dodging suspensions or manipulating discussions.




Our moderators are empowered to use their own discretion when reviewing infractions and applying penalties. Every situation is different, and we take the context and intent of every post into account.

If you believe your account has been suspended or terminated in error, submit an appeal by emailing Forums@arena.net. You may not appeal three-day suspensions, Warnings that only incur a point penalty, or Notices. Please provide your Guild Wars 2 display name in your appeal.

Our moderators and administrators do not read or respond to private messages, so please do not respond to your suspension message, or attempt to contact them individually. Posting about moderator actions on the forums is not allowed and will result in further account penalties.

In Conclusion

We appreciate every member of our community who helps make the forums a constructive and welcoming place. If you have questions about the Code of Conduct, please contact Forums@arena.net.

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