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Welcome to the Guild Wars 2 Roleplaying subforum! Use this space to discuss roleplaying and talk about your characters.

Roleplay (RP) is a type of social gameplay similar to tabletop roleplaying games, improv theatre, and collaborative writing. Roleplayers use online games like Guild Wars 2 as a setting to create characters and stories and act out scenes. In the game it looks very much like the dynamic events and NPC conversations found throughout Tyria, but real people are controlling the characters and writing their dialogue. 

Subforum Rules

The forums are OOC (out of character). Please discuss topics using your own voice and not your character’s. Forum RP threads are not allowed. Posts that include creative writing from a character's perspective are fine.


Respect other players and their playstyles. Guild Wars 2 has so many players that it's impossible to create one set of roleplay rules everyone would find fun. Find a group to play with that shares your goals and preferences and remember that you never have to roleplay with anyone you don’t want to.


Real people are always more important than fictional characters. You control your characters, their behavior, and their choices. If you aren’t having fun, you can always make changes to them.


Content that violates the Code of Conduct, like arguments in favor of discrimination and insults toward other players or their characters, are not allowed even if they represent a villainous character’s perspective.


If you don’t like roleplaying, do something you enjoy instead. If you don't roleplay but you want to learn or join positive discussions, you’re welcome here!


Be patient and kind. Only reply to posts from new players or non-roleplayers if you want to help or encourage them. If you're sure someone is trolling, report their post.

Character Development Threads

If you’d like to discuss your character’s development and share art and writing about them, that’s a great topic for a thread! Even if you don't roleplay with other people, we'd love to meet your characters. Feel free to make threads for guilds and other organizations, too.


Don't offer a critique of other players' characters unless they ask for it. If they do, think about what would help them have more fun roleplaying.  


                     Not constructive: "Everyone hates overpowered characters. Who do you think you are, Palawa Joko?"

                     Constructive: "If you make it easy for your character to fit in a cast of equals, more people will want to play with you."


All characters are welcome, whether they're woven into the official lore or bring new ideas to the setting. Character thread content and themes must follow our Terms of Service and Code of Conduct.

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