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READ FIRST: Roleplay Connections Subforum

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  • ArenaNet Staff

Welcome to the Roleplay Connections subforum! This is a space for guilds, groups, and individuals to look for others to play with.



·         Read all the information in a recruitment post before contacting the original poster.

·         If you’re posting a request for contacts, make sure your expectations are clear.

·         Only include character information if other players need to know it to start roleplaying with you.


You may include age requirements in your post if you prefer to play with people in your age group. You may not recruit for guilds or storylines if the themes violate our Terms of Service or Code of Conduct, even if they are age-restricted. Posts seeking in-character romance storylines are not allowed.


Don't seek or offer roleplay in this forum that takes place outside of Guild Wars 2 and be cautious if someone you don't know asks you for personal information or wants you to move to another platform. It's always okay to leave a roleplay scene if you feel uncomfortable for any reason.

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